The HB calves Project 

The HB Calves project involves the strategic implantation of Wagyu beef semen into dairy cows.

The HB Calves project is focused on a mutually beneficial partnership between HB Calves and dairy farmers, whereby the dairies utilise premium Wagyu semen to keep their milkers in production, and HB Calves then buy back the calves when born. 
This allows dairy farmers to increase cash flow by keeping their cattle in lactation and reduces the costly risk of infertility.




The Benefits 

Improved calving ease
There are easy calving breeds, very easy calving breeds and there is Wagyu. Improved calving ease reducing the stress in maternity pens and gets the dairy back on peak milk more quickly. By using our wagyu beef genetics calving ease is ensured due to the low birth weights of wagyu cattle coupled with our highly specific selection process of premium genetics.

Increased fertility
 Our Wagyu fertility enhanced semen is specifically designed to increase conception rates above industry standards.   With embryo transfer, When an already fertilized egg is inserted, fertility is increased by approximately 5-10% more than artificial insemination.  This keeps cows in lactation and reduces the cost and number of units used to achieve pregnancy in dairy cattle.

 Reduced stillbirths
Delta wagyu genetics reduce the risk of stillborn significantly compared to their Holstein breed averages